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Description ❖ 2011 APPY Award Finalist The "Appy Awards" ...honoring the best apps - MediaPost Communications, February, 2011 ❖ “Audubon Birds is an excellent field guide and an exciting new tool for bird watchers.” – PCWorld, December 2010 ❖ “An invaluable, exhaustive reference tool for North American bird-watchers.” - Common Sense Media, September 2010 Awarded Audubon Birds 5 stars for Ease of Play and 5 stars for Educational Value! Includes over 770 species and contains the most complete species descriptions updated to the latest AOU checklist, with extensive details on behavior, habitat, life history, nesting times, number of eggs, nest location, bird family info, similar species, find a bird by shape, and family ■ Know where the birds are in any season with the most up-to-date range maps, and the ONLY app with wintering range maps ■ Contains an unparalleled library of bird sounds and calls - over 6 hours from the best audio field naturalists in North America ■ Designed for the experienced birder and field naturalist, yet user friendly for a new or beginning birder ■ Created in Alliance with the National Audubon Society with a portion of sales supporting the mission of NAS ■ From the leading publisher of nature and wildlife apps, our mobile field guides have received 22 special mentions and recognition in the iTunes store. ■ Learn more at Features ■ Find a bird in your location: Search by State/Province and Month - Sort by all birds seen/common/rare for your hometown. ■ Sort birds by common name (First/Last) and Scientific ■ Advanced search includes – wing shapes, location, song call types, song call patterns, habitats, shape and size ■ Complete ability to search by family in taxonomic order ■ Conservation status ■ Multiple images of each species in their natural habitat from the best bird photographers ■ Ability to enlarge each image to see incredible detail ■ Range maps with color key ■ Search by common or scientific name ■ Search by Habitat ■ Search by Region ■ Lifetime updates ■ Keep track of sightings and maintain a life list ■ Sync sightings with Audubon Guides Get more value with our multi-subject apps! ➤ Save 20% - Buy the "Audubon Birds and Butterflies" app and double your knowledge with this 2-subject app. ➤ Save 33% with the "Audubon Guides - A Field Guide to Birds, Mammals, Wildflowers and Trees" app. Quadruple your knowledge by purchasing this 4-subject app. The new Audubon Birds is the most comprehensive digital field guide to North American Birds available.

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