Current Version Version: 4.0.4
Author Triniti Interactive Limited
Price $3.00
Description 40 HIGHLY-PRAISED GAMES in 1 APP! includes JAILBREAKER, iSNIPER 3D, AC-130, DINO CAP and MORE! ★★★★★ OVER 2.5 MILLION COPIES SOLD! ranked #7 TOP PAID APP in apple's 'REWIND 2010'! ★★★★★ "some of the highest replay value I have seen..." [] "super addictive and fun..." [] "GameBox is like a box of crayons ... you're guaranteed to find a few games that are just right for you." [] ★★★★★ WHAT'S INSIDE GAMEBOX? all of the games below, FULL VERSION, FULL FEATURE! ★★★★★ AC-130 Spectre [3D WARFARE SIM] [YOUTUBE:] Ada's Fashion Show [TIME MANAGEMENT] Ada's Hospital [TIME MANAGEMENT] [YOUTUBE:] Ancient War [WI-FI MULTIPLAYER CASTLE DEFENSE] [YOUTUBE:] Archer 3D [3D SPORTS SIM] 1945 Ace Destroyer [inspired by SKY DESTROYER™] Blaster Tank [SIDE-SCROLLING TANK WARFARE] Blighted Earth [TOWER DEFENSE] Bowman Attack [STRATEGIC ARTILLERY WARFARE] [YOUTUBE:] Bowman Defense [CASTLE DEFENSE] [YOUTUBE:] Bubble Master [inspired by BUBBLE TROUBLE™] Chicks [ACTION/PUZZLE] [YOUTUBE:] Climber [inspired by SHENKUU WARRIOR™] Digital Heist [ACTION/PUZZLE] Grab the loot and get out! Dino Cap [SIDE-SCROLLING SHOOT 'EM UP] [YOUTUBE:] Doodle Fish [ARCADE] Eat your way to the top of the food chain, and grow to be king of the sea! Fit It! [PUZZLE] Take the pieces you have and make them into a square! Get Rich [ARCADE] Money is raining from the sky. Catch as much you can! Hell Flyer [ARCADE] Swing from one stalactite to the next & avoid the lava below! Hot Pursuit [TOP-DOWN ARCADE RACER] Time for some high-caliber road rage! Hired Gun [CARTOON SNIPER] iKungFu Master [inspired by KUNG-FU MASTER™] iPuppy Husky [3D PUPPY SIM] Iron Commando [RETRO PLATFORMER] [YOUTUBE:] iSniper [ARCADE] The best-selling iPhone original! iSniper 3D [3D WARFARE SIM] [YOUTUBE:] iUFO Catcher [ARCADE] It's the claw! Grab as many furry prizes as you can! Jailbreaker [SIDE-SCROLLING JUMPER] The 5-0 is on your trail! See how far you can run in this thrilling twitch-tapper! 321! Jump! [JUMPING PLATFORMER] Jump from block to block, but don't fall down! Knight's Odyssey [ACTION] Fight through a sea of armored enemies in this epic journey. Motocross Trixx [PHYSICS/ACTION] Hop on your bike, rev your motor, hit that jump, and get some air! Neander Block [inspired by BEJEWELED™] [YOUTUBE:] Observer [PUZZLE] Spot the difference! Operation iWolf [inspired by OPERATION WOLF™] 2009 Road Master [inspired by ROAD FIGHTER™] Robo Rush [RETRO PLATFORMER] [YOUTUBE:] Star Marine [inspired by CRIMSONLAND™] Super Crazy Wars [ACTION/STRATEGY] The Sudoku Times [SUDOKU] Tomb Evader [ARCADE] Escape before the pyramid collapses! ★★★★★ ▶ ▶

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