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Description BuildCalc takes the best, advanced construction-math calculator and makes it great - by being easier to use and having more of the functions you want. Used by pros around the world, BuildCalc works harder for you! Starting with the same built-in solutions that you have come to expect, BuildCalc streamlined everything and added more function. Now it is easier than ever to complete plans, layouts, bids and estimates. NOW WITH ADVANCED STAIRS, BALUSTER, AND HIP/VALLEY FUNCTIONS Get more results than you ever could before - including dimensioned Stringer, Stringer Installation and Finished Staircase Drawings. Drawings can then be emailed to others or printed at your convenience. Email us and we'll send you an example! BUILT-IN HELP Whether you have 30 years experience or are new to this tool, BuildCalc’s built-in help demystifies advanced calculations with clear explanations, illustrations and examples. Just press and hold the button for which you are seeking help. In 3 seconds, the help screen will appear along with links to help for related functions. And, in the Advanced Functions and App Configuration, on-the-spot help guide you through your setup. FEATURES: * Imperial and Metric dimensions: __ fractional and decimal yards, feet, inches __ meters, centimeters, millimeters __ pounds, tons (long and short), kilograms, metric tons * Easy conversion between 1/2”, 1/4”, 1/8”, 1/16”, 1/32”, and 1/64” fractional inches * Angle dimensions: __ pitch (inches per 12 inches) __ degrees __ percent grade __ percent slope __ degree:minute:seconds * Easy conversion between dimensions with only one or two taps * Pitch, Rise, Run and Diagonal Right-Angle calculations __ Triangle area * Arc Calculations __ Arc Angle __ Arc Length __ Cord Length __ Segment Area __ Pie Slice Area __ Segment Height __ On-Center Spacing for Framing __ Stud Lengths for Framing * Rake Wall Layouts __ On-Center Spacing __ Stud Lengths for Framing * Areas and Volumes for Rectilinear, Cylindrical and Conic Geometry * Room Calculations: __ Room Area __ Wall Area (great for paint coverage calculations) __ Floor / Ceiling Area __ Square-up __ Volume * Stair Layouts: __ Finished Rise and Run __ Calculated Unit Riser and Tread Sizes __ Treads and Risers __ Calculated Incline Angle __ Minimum Stairwell Opening for Required Headroom Height __ Stringer Length __ Stringer Throat __ Dimensioned PDF drawings of Stringer Layout, Stringer Installation and Finished Staircase * Common Rafter Layout __ Plumb Angle __ Level Angle __ Rafter Length * Regular and Irregular Hip/Valley Roof Layout __ Angle results for both Miter Saw and Protractor __ Hip/Valley Rafter Length, Plumb Angle, and Level Angle __ Cheek Cuts __ Rafter Pitches __ Purlin Cut Angles __ Sheathing Cut Angle __ Plan Angles __ Hip Backing Angles * Circles __ Area __ Circumference __ Diameter __ Radius * Material Calculations for: __ Fences: Posts, Pickets, Rails, Panels __ Drywall Sheets __ Masonry: Bricks, Blocks, Tile, Pavers __ Footers __ Roofs: Shingles, Squares, Bundles, Sheathing, Underlayment __ On-Center Spacing: Studs, Poles, Pylons, Posts * Compound Miter Cuts __ Miter __ Bevel __ Simple Miter __ Angle Results for Miter Saw and Protractor Angles * Baluster Layouts: (for Railings or Fence Pickets) __ Limited Opening, Evenly Space or On-Center Analyses __ Members at start, end or neither __ Layout marks at leading, center or trailing edge __ Rake Angle (for Stairs or Fences) * Don’t see something you want? Email us and ask! BuildCalc is the ideal construction-math calculator for Architects, Builders, Carpenters, Contractors, Designers, Drafters, Engineers, Estimators, Framers, and Tradesmen.