Current Version Version: 15.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
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Description CHAPTER 15: Happy Helladays! Enter the devilicious underworld of Pocket Devil and summon a horde of tiny devils with a tap of your finger! Select from the vast array of weaponry, and with a swipe, bring your minions to their doom in all kinds of hilarious, clever, and cartoonishly gory ways. You can now experience true devilicious fun as you navigate through the Underworld, playing assorted mini-games and subjecting your devils to everything from electric chairs to daemon eating rats. It’s always good to hear a little Mugat2 death scream when throwing them off cliffs or giving them the ol' pitch fork. That’s why we continue to update Pocket Devil - Hell Yeah! with new chapters for your further devilish pleasure FRESH FOR THE HELLADAYS! In CHAPTER 15, navigate the classic underworld as well as the ALL NEW Christmas environment! “Happy Helladays” introduces a pack of holiday-inspired guises for the devils to wear! Dress them up as reindeer, elves, snowmen, or even as Zombie Santa before flinging them to their elecTREEcuting demise! MINI GAMES Pocket Devil features 12 mini-games that are all devilishly fun and constantly evolving! TORTURE TOOLS! More ways to play with the Mugat2 than ever before!!! Pocket Devil features OpenFeint and GameCenter integration as well as Facebook and Twitter sharing options. Follow us on Twitter for more exciting updates on Pocket Devil Become a fan of Pocket Devil on Facebook to keep up with news! New Features in the Chapter 15 update include: - Xmas Theme - 3 Different Environments - 5 New Xmas Devil Characters - Several New Events - Exploding Presents - ElecTREEcution - Zombie Santa & Zombie Reindeer - Xmas themed Mini-Games We do have to warn you though, Pocket Devil just might get you sent to detention, so don’t let the teacher catch you getting into mischief. Now what are you waiting for? Get rid of those pesky little minions in any way possible. See you all soon... in hell.

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