Current Version Version: 3.2
Price $2.00
Description ReelDirector is the 1st and the most feature rich, powerful video editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. ✩ APPLE's Rewind 2010 - Hot Trends in Apps ✩ APPLE's Rewind 2009 - BEST APP If you really dig video editing and want to take full control, you should get ReelDirector: ☑ High quality HD output, only re-compress when necessary, quality loss due to editing is minimal. ☑ Highly customizable text treatment - where you want it, how you want it. ☑ Unique transitions: out of focus fade, white out - 28 in total. ☑ Use your own intro and splash videos that were not recorded with iPhone. ☑ Real multitasking, renders in the background and no need to restart the whole export if interrupted. ✎ MEDIA COVERAGE "ReelDirector is a powerful, easy-to-use, and fun iPhone app for creating videos with titles and effects." — tuaw "File this one under “sent from the future”. ReelDirector is a pretty full-featured movie editor" ... "a quite amazing demonstration of the march of technology." — Gadget Lab ✂ EDITING - Splice, trim, split video clips - Timeline: scrollable, seekable within clips, easy to arrange order - Preview: full preview of frame at current timeline position, with watermarks and transition applied - Record soundtracks and adjust position, volume and fade in/out - Trim: you can keep original and go back to revise, or make a final cut - Split: cut video into 2 or 3 clips seamlessly - Add Ken Burns effect to photo and Video Ⓣ TEXTS - Add title and subtitle to opening, closing and/or each clip with adjustable length and fonts - Combine 8 styles and 9 positions to create 72 different appearances - Automatically fade in and fade out texts ⇄ TRANSITIONS Animated preview for each transition, easy to find the one you like. 1. Automatically insert transitions between each clip in your project, just pick one in Project Properties; or 2. Add/change transition for each clip while editing. Available transitions: - Cross Dissolve - Fade Through Black/White - Flash Through Black/White - Blur Fade (fade out of focus) - Blur Cross (first scene fades out of focus) - Wipe Left/Right/Up/Down - Wipe Soft Left/Right/Up/Down - Wipe Blend Left/Right/Up/Down - Push Left/Right/Up/Down - Push Left/Right/Up/Down with Border - Whiteout NOTE - On iPad with iOS 4.2 update, HD videos are supported. - New iPod Touch (4th generation) is fully supported.

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