Current Version Version: 1.2
Author Inedible Software, LLC
Price $1.00
Description Tired of browsing your music library and selecting an artist or album only to find a single song? In our libraries, over half the artists are useless because there isn’t enough music to listen to. We bet yours is similar. Song Sift was created to let you hide all the scattered entries introduced by playlists, compilations, and random downloads, helping you find music you want to hear.

Song Sift displays all the music in your iPhone or iPod touch library, just like the built-in player, but gives you the option to only see the entries with enough songs to actually listen to for more than three minutes. No more frustration and wasted time thinking you’ve found just the right album, only to find that it’s a hollow shell of its former self.

- Familiar, easy-to-use interface
- Simple slider instantly filters results
- Uses the built-in music player so you can access all the features you’re used to, like double-tapping the home button for quick control
- Perfect for finding music to listen to in the car or at the gym

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