Current Version Version: 2.0
Author GameFly
Price Free
Description THANK YOU FOR MAKING GAMEFLY THE #1 VIDEO GAME NEWS & INFORMATION APP IN THE ITUNES STORE! The GameFly App is the ultimate video games resource App, with up-to-date news, game trailers, on-the-fly access to detailed and current information for over 8000 titles across multiple platforms, and with this new update, it will be the best place to discover new games and socialize with other gamers. ----------------------------------------------------------- **Newly added in version 2.0** iPhone & iPod Touch - Expanded social networking capabilities allow like-minded gamers to connect with each other - Create a profile page and browse/search others’ profiles - Find new people to play with on Xbox Live, PSN and Wii - Post updates and share info with your followers - Follow other users to discover what they’re playing and talking about - View recent activity around any game - Comment on others’ posts and see comments on your posts - Get notified on new comments and when other gamers follow you - Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts seamlessly with the GameFly App - GameFly members have the option to share the games they add to their GameQ or decide to keep - Improved video quality and ability to stream to AppleTV

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