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Description Need to browse that PDF before your sales call? Want to refresh your memory of that PowerPoint presentation? Then this is the app for you! Viewing PDFs, Word files, Excel documents, and PowerPoint presentations are now easier than ever with File Viewer! Add files directly from your computer or use your web browser to download any file you may need directly to your device! Easily view pictures on your phone with add a photo feature. ♦♦♦ SUPPORTED FILE TYPES ♦♦♦ PDF ♦ DOC ♦ XLS ♦ PPT ♦ PPS ♦ TXT ♦ RTF ♦ HTM ♦ XML ♦ CSV ♦ DOCX ♦ PPTX ♦ XLSX ♦ JPEG ♦ BMP ♦ PNG ♦ TIFF ♦ GIF ♦ MP3 ♦ WAV PDF Word Excel File Viewer is one of the BEST and has been ranked: #1 in Spain, Mexico & Argentina #2 in Thailand & Croatia, #3 in Costa Rica #4 in Russia!!! in the Overall Top Paid Applications! ♦♦♦ SUPPORT ♦♦♦ - Concrete Software is dedicated to providing you with quality apps- including support. Please visit our support forums at for help, suggestions or feedback. ♦♦♦ MORE GAMES ♦♦♦ Pocket Ants PDF Word Excel File Viewer Fast Food Calorie Counter To-Do List Pro Doodle Balloons 3D Constructo Combat 3D Lawn Darts Currency Calculator Spell Checker Nintaii Track Your Weight To-Do List Top 10 List Unit Converter Unit Converter Calculator Voice Memo Recorder Weight Loss Tracker ♦♦♦ FOLLOW US ♦♦♦ Follow us on Twitter: Become a fan on Facebook: Visit us on the Web: