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Description Audubon Mammals is your essential guide to mammals in the US and Canada. Created in affiliation with the National Audubon Society, Audubon Mammals features in-depth information on 240 species, drawings of mammals tracks, high-quality photos detailing every species, and the first-ever online field guide community, NOTE: This field guide to Mammals is included in our “Audubon Guides – A Field Guide to Birds, Mammals, Wildflowers and Trees.” Save 20% and quadruple your knowledge of the natural world around you when purchasing this 4-species app. Unparalleled Content Every species in Audubon Mammals is described with rich and detailed information, all accessed by fast and easy navigation. • Professional Color Photographs detailing every species with extraordinary clarity. • Range Maps for most species, showing resident ranges. • In-depth Descriptions of Every Species, with authoritative information on appearance, habitat, and much more from the National Audubon Society Field Guides. • Real Time Availability, no matter where you are, even without an internet connection. Powerful functionality and ease of use • Species Synchronization Enable the Synchronization feature to receive updates to your app in real time. Every time a species, photo, or any other information is added to our database, your app will be updated accordingly. • Content Synchronization Enable the Content Synchronization to upload your user content, including lifelists, sightings and photos to, and share your findings with friends. • State-of-the-Art search functions: • By first name, second name, and scientific name of every species; • By family; • By mammal shape/type; • By multiple “advanced search” variables including zip code; • A Universal Dashboard allowing you to navigate back and forth between species information, personalized Life Lists and Sightings, search functions and more with ease and clarity. • Comparisons to similar species. • Create your own Life Lists, Sightings, Photo Albums, and record your own Field Experiences. Track a species using the iPhone’s GPS, take a picture of it with the camera, take notes, and save to the App for records of your nature adventures. • - The First Online Field Guide Community, allowing you to interact, post and share sightings, photos, tips, opinions and more. Audubon Guides are a comprehensive series of interactive digital field guides that combine smart phone technology with the Audubon Society’s vast library of information about birds and all of nature. Designed to greatly enhance the appreciation, enjoyment and study of nature among people of all ages and levels of expertise, anywhere, anytime, in an environmentally responsible manner. Additional Audubon Guide Apps Now Available: The Audubon Guides to North American Birds, Wildflowers, Trees, and Mammals are also available on the iTunes store. Look for more Regional Guides Apps to come, as well as Audubon Guide Apps to Insects & Spiders, Butterflies, Reptiles & Amphibians, Fish, Seashells & Seashore Creatures, Mushrooms, Whales & Dolphins, and others. For more about our program, please visit our interactive web site,, and join our community of users and share your experiences. We invite your suggestions, comments, or requests. We also welcome submissions of high quality photography of birds and other species. You can contact us directly by selecting Feedback in the More Section of the application and e-mailing your thoughts and comments directly to us.