Current Version Version: 4.1
Price Free
Description Stuck without a place to stay at the last minute? Give this app a shake, pick the exact neighborhood and star level you want, and save up to half-off when you bid for a hotel. NEW! We've added support for airport rental cars, including iPhone-exclusive deals. Save up to 40% off and book as little as 30 minutes before pick-up. Get started with recent winning bids for hotels and rental cars. Use the blazing-fast, 100%-native checkout to seal the deal and save big on the fly. From the Washington Post: "I parked the car... and finally used Priceline Negotiator to bid on a 3-star hotel. My bid was accepted, and I got a room for $52, almost 75% off the listed price of $190. I happened to be parked right outside the hotel at the time, so I simply walked in and claimed my room." -- Ross Arbes, the Washington Post (May 16, 2010) Named a Top-10 free travel app by PC Magazine. - bid and check out in minutes, right in the app - see recent winning bids from actual priceline customers - not in the mood to negotiate? Browse nearby hotels and pick the one that’s right for you. - use the hotel radar to find nearby bargains - new to priceline? There’s never been an easier way to grab your first Name Your Own Price(R) deal - returning users: speed through checkout using your priceline profile - PLUS – it slices, it dices (or lets you sort hotels, at least), and it features the priceline Negotiator jingle on startup. If you’re in a crowded area, mute your phone or turn it up and sing along… it’s up to you!

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