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Description 25 Ultimate Vodka Cocktails with their ultimate recipe. From an Apple Sidecar to a Vesper Martini, the world's best vodka drinks have been selected by Gary Regan and Mardee Haidin Regan ( Visually stunning image of every drink plus every recipe is accompanied with a little cocktail conversation, an astute observation, or a little drink-related trivia from the Regans.

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Chosen By World Renowned Drink Experts
Top and Best Vodka Cocktails
Visually Stunning Photos
Cocktail Conversations
Simple And Easy-To-Use

Gary Regan and Mardee Haidin Regan are master mixologists who have authored and co-authored a 1/2 dozen highly-rated books including:

"The Joy of Mixology"

"The Bartender's Bible"

"The Bartender’s Best Friend"

"New Classic Cocktails"

"The Martini Companion"


"The Book of Bourbon"

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