Current Version Version: 1.6.0
Author Odina Software, LLC
Price $1.00
Description iGeoJournal is perfect for traveling, journaling, or even reviewing new restaurants.

It is easy to forget the things that happen in your everyday life. Journaling can be a hassle and who has time for it? iGeoJournal allows you to jot down quick notes, take picture, record, and save your location. It is easy enough to use everyday.


1. Easy access to a map, camera, note, and voice recorder.
2. Provide itinerary slideshow. User can see where a journal is taken with a thumbnail picture.
3. Slideshow in portrait and horizontal view.
4. Sync with your Facebook account. Location info will be embedded into the picture.
5. Email a journal entry to your friends. The picture and the location information will be embedded in the mail.
5. Search your journal and find the exact moment.

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