Current Version Version: 2.5
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Description It may look simplistic, but MoneyBook is a powerful personal finance app that offers unique features in a beautiful, easy-to-use user interface. There's even an amazing free companion web app with it. - See all your transactions in beautiful animated statistics (turn your device to landscape in transactions view/history) - Handles expenses and income - CSV export of your transactions via e-Mail. - Easy backup and restore of all your data. - Password Protection - Protect your personal financial data. - Notes for your transactions with a beatiful preview (tap and hold on a row) - A handy overview of your previous transactions. - Simple, attractive interface. - Recording a transaction takes seconds. - Rollover into following month. - Number pad with calculation. - Edit all your data at any time. - Customizable categories. - Set when your month starts. - Switch between budget and salary mode. - Progress over the previous months. - Recurring monthly transactions. - Uses the currency from your iPhone region settings. - Straightforward operation, ideal for use on the move. - Usersettings - localized in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian and partial in Chinese - Upload your data on myMoneybook ( and enjoy the beautiful and interactive charts for each month and year or just search through all your transactions. And many more... Since MoneyBook 1.0, we have added more than 20 new features while keeping MoneyBook's user interface as easy-to-use as ever. All of our updates are free and there's many more to come! Follow us on twitter: @MoneyBookApp And for the latest news and tips subscribe our blog:

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