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Author NDrive Navigation Systems S.A.
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Description ☼☼ NDrive - Presently the best selling navigation solution in UK and Germany ☼☼

Our Application turns your iPhone 3G/3GS into A FULLY FUNCTIONING GPS NAVIGATION DEVICE, ready to use in the car, while walking in the city or during outdoor adventures.

All map data is stored on your iPhone so you can NAVIGATE WITHOUT A NEED TO PAY FOR ADDITIONAL DATA DOWNLOADS.


“NDrive provides not only a clean interface, but also has multiple functions. Even after an extensive testing, the app leaves a good impression and the SCHOOL MARK IS WORTH B+, a recommendation.” - MACLIFE.DE

"The best in the test!" – PRICE-WINNER in the test of 5 popular navigation software for iPhone, 11.11.2009, AMOBIL.NO

“I spent along time going through the reviews for vaious navigation apps. After much consideration NDrive won and I have not been disappointed. It has always got aGPS fix in less than 30 seconds and once locked on has never lost the signal even with very dense cloud cover. It has always got me from A-B. I love it. GREAT WORK.” - iTunes user, United Kingdom

LEADING iPHONE ON-BOARD NAVIGATION SYSTEM in Apple App Store around the world such as Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, Brazil and many more countries…


○Application Features

- Store inside NDrive to distribute additional accessories for your navigation system
- Highly effective search engine and rapid calculations allows benefits such as a fast and easy calculation of alternative routes
- Most important buildings and landmarks are presented in 3D
- Car, Pedestrian or Adventure Mode, where ADVENTURE MODE will guide your way while trekking, bike riding, offroad in cars, on boats and even on light aircrafts
- Simple and intuitive user interface
- MULTI-TOUCH TECHNOLOGY with gesture recognition for menu, zooming, tilting and panning will enable you to control and display maps easily
- POIs (Points of Interest) and favorites with phone/fax number, description, email and website address
- UNLIMITED NUMBER of customizable favorites entries and user defined categories
- Navigating and searching for city center, street names and numbers, crossings, postal codes, favorite places, recent locations, coordinates and nearby POIs
- Advanced itinerary with multiple waypoints for enhanced planning
- Keyboard available in both ABC or QWERTY mode
- INTEGRATION WITH IPOD, so you can listen to music while driving
- Automatic Day/Night mode
- Sound and visual alarms for desired and fixed maximum speed levels
- Portrait/Landscape display is auto-switching

○Map Features

- Actual and complete map of the USA (December 2009)
- OVER 1,500,000 POIs representing restaurants, gas stations, tourism attractions, hotels, 3D landmarks, etc.
- Free access to your NDRIVE COMMUNITY in order to exchange information with other user anywhere in the world

○Language Features

- Precise voice instruction and full interface language support for: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese

Due to the size of this application we strongly recommend to buy and to download this application via iTunes.

In Case you have problems with GPS quality, please refer to the iPhone documentation or to our website.

Visit our Website at to read FAQ, see video tutorials and a full list of characteristics.

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