• 1GB of RAM standard
  • Similar feel to 20-inch model
  • Strong performance


  • Lack of free RAM slot makes for costlier memory upgrades
  • Limited internal expansion options
  • 3GB RAM limit

At A Glance

Part of the iMac overhaul that added next-generation Core 2 Duo processors to the product line, this 17-inch configuration features a faster 2GHz chip than the 1.83GHz model; it also has more L2 cache as well as dedicated graphics. Instead of the Combo Drive you'll find in the 1.83GHz iMac, this 17-inch model comes with a DVD-burning SuperDrive. It also features built-in Bluetooth wireless networking capabilities in addition to the standard AirPort Extreme card. Finally, this model ships with 1GB of RAM installed; you can put as much as 3GB of memory in the system.

Manufacturer’s Description

Cast your gaze on the ultimate eye-opening experience: the new faster, bigger, and brighter iMac. The most personal of personal computers comes out packing a powerful punch.

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