Current Version Version: 4.3.6
Author iEnterprises, Inc.
Price Free
Description Mobile Edge for Lotus Notes allows you to replicate any Lotus Notes database to your iPhone and use it even when you are out of cellular network coverage. Mobile Edge for Lotus Notes is ideal for workflow approval, Lotus Notes CRM applications and other Lotus Notes applications that are beneficial to have on the iPhone.

Free Client Software – By default, the application will be running in disconnected mode so that you can see what a Lotus Notes based application might look like on the iPhone. Please contact iEnterprises if you wish to purchase the server software that will enable you to make a live connection to your Lotus Notes applications.

Features / Configurability – Once you have purchased the server software, you will have access to a completely configurable environment that will allow you to deploy one or many Lotus Notes databases to your iPhones. Virtually every aspect of the application on the iPhone can be set up including determining the fields and forms that will be deployed to the iPhone. Even the “query save” back end logic can be set to trigger so that the application functions virtually the same on the iPhone as inside your Lotus Notes client. Please contact iEnterprises for more information or for a web based demonstration of these functions.

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