Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Ideasforiphone LLC
Price $1.00
Description MusicMate Jukebox transforms your IPod or IPhone into a jukebox. It's great for parties or any other occasion where you're listening to music with your friends. Before MusicMate, you only had two options. You could create a playlist in advance, or you could pick one song at a time to play. Either way, you couldn't add new songs to the list without stopping the current song or playlist you're listening to. MusicMate works differently; you and your friends can view your music library and add songs to the "queue" (or line) to be played when the current song is finished. It works just like an old-fashioned jukebox or a DJ at a bar or party where you can request a song and a few minutes later the song is played. Everyone is able to listen to their favorite songs without having to hover over the IPod/IPhone and play songs one at a time. Once you get MusicMate Jukebox, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it - and why nobody thought of this sooner! Download it now and give it a try! Note: when the jukebox app opens, it will index your music files.  This may take more than a few seconds if you have several thousand songs.

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