Current Version Version: 2.5
Author Sud Soft System s.r.l.
Description iWill HD for iPad is out! Check it out! NEVER MISS A DEADLINE AGAIN. You’ll never forget anything, ANYMORE…unless you want to forget it. Very complete and intuitive iWill is probably the most user friendly app in its category. You can choose to use it both as a classic task organizer and as a GTD based life manager. iWill enhances any task with GPS tags, and multimedia audio, photo and video attachments. It is possible to link iPhone contacts to a task by adding actions such as sending an email, fax or SMS, making a phone call, a meeting or an appointment. You can even create a new contact on the fly and assign it to a task’s action if needed. Sharing a task among your colleagues and/or friends has never been so easy: iWill allows sharing a task easily and instantly through: email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, using a Bluetooth P2P connection and on Evernote! Send an email to your colleagues with the essential details of your task including, attached, the image associated to the task. Update your status on Twitter or Facebook informing your friends of a task really important for you and, on Facebook, even publish the image associated to the task. Share a task through a Bluetooth P2P connection between nearby iPhone and/or iPod Touch devices with a finger touch. And publish your task as a note on Evernote! iWill tasks are organized hierarchically into contexts and projects. The application provides a number of predefined contexts, and you can add as many as you like of new ones, using it in the smartest way. Your way. You can check the tasks scheduled for today and the current week, and thanks to the GPS you can check nearby tasks to be completed around you, and even get driving directions! You can search for tasks specifying different criteria, inside contexts and through a calendar showing busy days that allows verifying tasks scheduled for an arbitrary day or week. iWill automatically shows delayed tasks; for each one the application reports all of the dates you missed. The badge on the iWill icon is a visual feedback regarding the number of tasks scheduled for today. Just open iWill and schedule your tasks. iWill won’t forget to remind you. Try the iWill difference, experience how reliable our app is. Then, compare and contrast it with our competitors. By the way, since we only receive constructive critiques and very good suggestions from our customers, we also invite you to watch out for some comments clearly from our competitors. This is their business strategy. Ours is to provide you with the most advanced, yet easy to use, task manager. iWill main features: -Fast task insertion; -Calendar and GTD style tasks; -Recurring tasks supporting the iCalendar specification; -Multiple Reminders per task; -Nearby tasks with GPS support, distance, map and driving directions; -Multimedia attachments: note, audio, video, picture; -Actions: call, SMS, fax, email, meeting, appointment; -Tagged tasks; -Sharing: email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, P2P on Bluetooth and Evernote; -Hierarchical organization: tasks, contexts and projects; -Each context has an associated color, so it's easy to distinguish events; -Today tasks; -This week tasks; -Delayed tasks: see all of the occurrences you missed at a glance; -Log of completed tasks; -Calendar showing busy days: easily check your tasks on an arbitrary day/week; -In-App user’s guide; -Support for Retina display.

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