Current Version Version: 1.30
Author Volvo Information Technology AB
Price $4.00
Description Commute Greener! is an application that transforms your iPhone into a personal CO2 calculator.

* Set your target for reducing your personal CO2 footprint
* See the progress against your personal CO2 reduction targets
* Share experiences in a trusted, online community

Direct benefits for health, wealth and a better planet:
+Collect Zero Emission Miles
+Save Public Transport Km's
+Compare and compete with friends on who saves most CO2, reach targets and understand that important actions stimulate sustainable development.

Get a 'feel good' experience but contributing to changing behaviours. Furthermore, there are features like location based community, access to social networks, as well as GPS optimisation possibilities. Commute Greener! offers an easy way to measure the carbon dioxide emissions generated during your every day commute. Whether you are commuting by car, bus, train, bicycle, or other means of transport you can join in.

Commute Greener! is designed for use on the go. You can enjoy fast start and stop features, automatic recording possibilities and ways to:

* Monitor individual progress against your personal CO2 reduction targets

* Track of your commuting pattern with times, distances and CO2 emissions

* Exchange progress and experience in a trusted, online community

To get started with the Commute Greener! application, there are some small steps that gives you a personal baseline. You can simply enter your basic commuting pattern, with locations such as home, office, supermarket as well as select modes of transport like bus, bike, car etc. You will then set a personal CO2 footprint reduction target to help you get going. Have a look at the YouTube instruction and take some minutes to get going as a way to enhance the experience. This way, every day commuting can become more exciting by delivering on targets, making comparisons and sharing results.

Compete with Your Friends & Colleagues
Set a target and take the opportunity to challenge yourself, friends or colleagues to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Changing your habits isn’t easy and that’s why we’ve added the power of an engaging, web-based community to support your efforts. In the community, you can build a personal network, allowing you to see and review their progress. Take a small step towards positive climate change and together we can make a big leap. Together we can: Commute Greener!

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