Current Version Version: 2.0
Author cory Alder
Price $1.00
Description ADD CATS TO ANY PHOTO! New! Version 2.0 is out! CatPaint is the premier cat-based image editor for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Rotate, move, or erase cats using the new and improved gesture interface. Taylor Swift tweeted “New app: CatPaint. It will change your life.” Katy Perry tweeted “OMG! CATPAINT ME!” Emma Stone told Late Night with Jimmy Fallon “I <3 CatPaint.” Gizmodo says "CatPaint for iPhone Single-Pawedly Justifies the Existence of the App Store." Discover Magazine calls it a "time vampire." iPhone Savior says "Cat Paint is one iPhone App You Can't Live Without." What other CatPaint users have tweeted or said in the App Store reviews: “I deleted Photoshop so I used cat paint.” - jadielady “CatPaint is seriously legit. Like, I love it. IT IS LIFE CHANGING!!” - Kenzieeee <3 “The best 99 cents I ever spent” - Andrea Luke “Best Dollar Ever. Endlessly entertaining”. - Zach Hoffman “I’ll get so many chicks with this app!” - Hipkat11111111 “if you have an iPhone, you *need* cat paint” - mlamle “CatPaint. trust me.” - BostonMo “It’s why the Internet was made.” - atmasphere “My kids laughed at this for over an hour.” - Jnezt122 CatPaint has also been featured by The Baltimore Sun, CNET, Techradar, Switched, and Urlesque. Even cats love it: TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! Features: -Pick a photo from your library or take a new one with your built-in camera -Choose from sixteen cat "brushes" -Cats mew as they are placed. Adorable! -Paint, move, scale, flip, and erase tools allow complete control of cat placement -Lasers! All kitties are now fully enabled with laser eyes -Rotate your phone, the cats will always be placed upright! -Email your creations to friends and foes alike -Share using Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook -Save photos to your Camera Roll -Submit masterpieces to the CatPaint Gallery and become famous! -Fatcat <3's you Visit to see what people are making with CatPaint. YOU CAN HAS AWESOME POWERS NOW! Coming to CatPaint in an update near you: More cats! Available soon for purchase in the in-app Cat Store. iPad support for creating detailed, beautiful, large scale CatPaintings.

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