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Description THANK YOU APPLE for FEATURING US as NEW AND NOTEWORTHY! The Hypertext Edition of "140 Characters" is a new book format that is constantly updated with fresh content. Twitter Co-creator Dom Sagolla covers all the basics of great short- form writing, including the importance of communicating with simplicity, honesty, and humor. "A code of honor for the new way of doing business." -@24kLogos This is the first writing guide specifically dedicated to communicating with the succinctness and clarity that the Internet age requires. "The book is awesome, but the app is sexy." -@atebits - The equivalent of Strunk and White’s Elements of Style for today’s social media & marketing messages - Inspiring quotations from comedy to poetry from some of the best writers - The authoritative approach to Twitter, written by its creators to include other social networks like pure text messaging 140 Characters is a much-needed guide to the kind of communication that can make or break a reputation online. "This is game-changing." -@schwa The Hypertext Edition has several features that distinguish it from the print or Kindle edition: - Built-in Web browser, with Bookmark - Regular updates to the text, which may be read Offline - Integrated Twitter streams of all 140 "characters" to follow - Additional Video and Photo content The text is also supports Copy/Paste throughout. Even if you have the Kindle edition, this condensed and updated text will provide the freshest reading experience. @Dom, author and developer

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