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Description Regator helps you search, browse, read and share high-quality posts from thousands of the web’s best blogs. Whether you’re interested in academics, pop culture, technology, sports, or one of Regator’s 500+ other topics, you’ll find well-written, topical, original content curated by qualified editors on the Regator app and website.

With Regator Premium, you can:
* Personalize your experience by saving your favorite blogs, topics, and posts for fast, easy access.
* Monitor keywords with the Blog Monitor. Keep an eye on what bloggers are writing about your company, your favorite musician or author, and your other interests.
* Sync automatically with your account.
* Search for and watch videos from within the app.
* Browse posts from topics as diverse as beekeeping, geology, indie music, pop culture, job hunting, or basketball.
* Search Regator’s archive of over 3 million high-quality posts.
* View the most popular blog posts on your favorite topic.
* See real-time trends to get an up-to-the-minute, spam-free look at exactly what bloggers in any niche are writing about right now.
* Keep up with the newest blog posts, updated every few seconds.
* Read the full text of posts on the original source blog.
* Share posts via email, Facebook, or Twitter.
* Find more information on a story with Regator's related posts feature.

Praise for the lite (free) version of Regator’s app:

"Bottom line, if you're looking for a great way to discover content quickly and easily, there's no better way to do it than with Regator. It takes all the work out of searching for news leaving you with fresh, readable content all housed within one great app."
-Download Squad

"If you have even a passing interest in blogs, this is a terrific way to keep tabs on the blogosphere."
-iPhone Atlas (CNET)

"Because the app covers such a wide range of topics, it really offers something for everyone."

"[W]e quite like Regator’s iPhone app and think it might be the perfect way to keep up with the blogosphere while you’re out and about."

"Regator’s iPhone app is all sorts of win...Well worth the download if you want to keep up to date with the latest and most interesting content across the blogosphere."
-Duncan Riley (

"[A] neat way to see what's happening in the blogosphere without trudging from site to site to site."
-PC World

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