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CAUTION! This app is not working on iOS4.

"Geotag Editor" enables you to edit the location data (geotag) of the photos in camera roll.

[Map Display/Modification/Deletion Function]
- Map display and modification can be performed for the location information (geotag) recorded in the photograph.
- Location information can be added to photographs taken using non-standard cameras.
- You can remove geo-tag from the photo.
※Geotag: Location data included in Exif of Jpeg image

- Time may be required for initial startup when there are a large number of photographs in the camera roll.
- The accuracy of the GPS is affected by the function/non-function of 3G lines, the function/non-function of Wi-Fi, and by the weather.
- When connected to a PC by cable and this application is used to edit photographs, there are cases in which the edited photograph cannot be correctly read by iPhoto. However, removing and then reinserting the cable will return the application to normal status.

CAUTION! This app is not working on iOS4.