Current Version Version: 1.12
Author SchroederDev LLC
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Description ---Slango: "Pop culture in your pocket"---
The ultimate Urban Dictionary app with Random, Search, Word of the Day, Bookmarks, Sharing, and more... (Browsing coming soon!)

Ever wanted to know what your favorite rappers were talking about when they referenced their "whip" or their "chrome four-fifth"? Ever wanted to know what all the cool kids were saying? Wonder no more with Slango!

Slango is the best Urban Dictionary app in the App Store. With access to over 4,000,000 words and features such as Word of the Day, Search, Random Word, Share, and Bookmarks with offline-viewing support, it's a no-brainer. Buy Slango!

• Access over 4 Million definitions of the latest in urban culture
• Search for any word or phrase and receive a list of matching terms
• Get a "Word of the Day" and catch up on the past week's words
• Random word support - tap to view a random word for endless fun
• New QuickSearch technology allows you to quickly and easy search for any word in a definition (Screenshot #4)
• Bookmark your favorite words for offline viewing
• Sharing support
- Facebook (share any word you find over Facebook)
- Twitter (share any word you find over Twitter)
- Email (share any word you find over email)

• A slight graphical glitch is present in version 1.11, we have submitted an update to fix this
• Uses the online database from "Urban Dictionary"
• Add your own definitions at

*Not affiliated in any way with Urban Dictionary
*Requires an active internet connection to find new words

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