Current Version Version: 1.3
Author Hannes Jensen
Price $1.00
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Note: This application does not currently work properly with iOS 4. A fix is being worked on.

"If you’re a data geek, you’ll love all the information you can track with Run Stats. [...] easily worth its $1 cost."
4.5 out of 5 mice

Whether you're running, walking, cycling or skiing, Run Stats is the perfect tool to keep track of your exercise and give you all the statistics you need!

Use the built-in GPS of the iPhone to keep track of your exact run path, your time, speed and more. Run Stats keeps a history of all your recorded runs and lets you view distance, time, average speed and average mile/kilometer time for each individual run. You can also view graphs of your speed and altitude during the run, as well as a map view of the run.

In addition, Run Stats keeps track of your overall progress and shows you statistics from all your recorded history without any external internet account needed.

- Record path, distance, time, altitude, average speed, average mile/kilometer time.
- View your run path on a map. The path is color-coded to indicate relative speed. The fastest part of the path will be red and the slowest blue.
- View graphs of speed and altitude of your runs.
- View the progress of your pace and run length.
- Supports both metric and American units.

- To listen to the iPod while running, you must start the music before starting Run Stats.
- If you exit Run Stats while running or take an incoming phone call, just start the app again and press Resume to continue.
- For more instructions, select the Settings tab and press Instructions and tips.

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