Current Version Version: 1.2
Author Tom Ryan
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Practica has everything you need to keep organized, efficient and productive in each of your scheduled practice sessions. With Practica, you can keep track of how long you've practiced on each piece and scale, and see your progress over time as you approach your goal.

Practica intelligently suggests a major and minor scale for you each day to ensure you cover all the scales you need in your practice plan. You can change these to other scales, including whole tone, chromatic, and modal scales, in various numbers of octaves. As you begin practicing each of your pieces and scales, you can optionally announce this to your fans on Twitter. By the time you reach your goal, they will be excited to finally hear you!

To help you get to your goal, a built-in metronome with auto-playback features will bring you up to speed in record time. These playback settings can be saved and reused as often as you wish.

You can also track your progress by recording each session. These recordings can be sent to yourself, your teacher, your fans via the built-in email screen.

As you continue using to use, the statistics let you see the time you've put into each piece and scale in your goal. The satisfaction of hearing your progress and seeing the time you've invested as charts is a great morale boost!

Practica is practice made professional!

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