Current Version Version: 1.2.2 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Black Mana Studios
Price $4.00
Description Supports iOS4!

"Manuscript Makes Mobile Writing Nearly Perfect"
The iPhone App Review

Featured on Apple's "New and Noteworthy" (02-FEB-2010)


Manusript 1.2.1 is now live:

* Word count and page count on the Manuscript list screen.

* Dropbox support.

* Users are now able to convert any textual document to a format that Manuscript recognizes and imports. Simply follow these simple guidelines and your Dropbox textual document will become an editable Manuscript on your iPhone:

1. First line in your Dropbox document will become the Manuscript name

2. Second line will become the author name

3. Chapter titles start with a number then a dot, for example: "1. First Chapter".

4. Typing =+=+= before each chapter title will signify it is a chapter title. There is no need to type those characters before the first chapter.

For a template TXT file, please check our website at


Manuscript is a writing application that lets you outline, research, edit and export anywhere between a short story and an entire book - right on your iPhone!

Manuscript is not limited to writing stories – you can use it for note-taking, project management, storyboard and much more.

* Create a manuscript from scratch or import from Dropbox.

* Outline your manuscript using multiple levels:

Pitch – One sentence tagline.

Synopsis – A more elaborate description of the plot or article, covering major developments.

Index cards – Serves as a repository for ideas, character development, reminders and more.

* On top of Pitch and Synopsis, each chapter can be outlined individually. You can create empty chapters, outline them, and then pour content into them in any order you like.

* Use Wikipedia, dictionary and thesaurus from within the app.

* Backup your work-in-progress or export your finished manuscript to Dropbox as an RTF,TXT or HTML file that can be read by both Mac and PC.

NOTE: When you create a new chapter, the text field under the chapter name is an OUTLINE, not the chapter textual contents. To actually write the chapter content, close the new chapter screen, get out of edit mode, and click on the chapter you want to edit.

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