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Author Richard Joffray
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Description "This will turn you into an expert on every sport under the sun"

"Don't know the rules of all those winter Olympic games?! This app will tell you all the rules and regulations so you're in the know!"

"Absolutely priceless for impressing people at home as well as appreciating it all much more too."

Sports and understanding sports is what we are all about. If you want to impress that new significant other with your knowledge and acumen of sports then we are here with an assist. When you need to be able to talk the talk, our glossary of sport terms, for each sport, is where you need to go.

If you plan on watching the Winter Olympics and are not sure of the difference between Luge and Skeleton and maybe Curling is a total mystery, or you are having a friendly disagreement about the year the US Olympic Hockey team won the Olympic gold medal, we have the answers. For those more foreign sports, such as Australian Rules Football that you want to talk to your Aussie mates about, or its Cricket you want to talk over with all your Cricket following friends, we can help with these foreign relations problems as well.

Currently we cover 70 sports and we continue to add more. Sportlogik features the rules, a glossary of terms and the equipment used in each sport. We also have information on professional associations for each sport. We cover all the Olympic sports, both Summer and Winter and we have complete Olympic records for every Summer and Winter Olympic game ever held. For certain sports, Baseball as an example, we have information on Baseball statistics, Baseball Records, Baseball Awards, World Series and All-Star information along with the inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In short we have sports information for the both sports fans and non-sports fans.

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