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Description SPECIAL FEATURES - Stop carrying book guides - No extra charges: 100% OFFLINE City Guides - Interactive offline zoomable Maps of all attractions and cities: Las Vegas, Sedona and Los Angeles (including Hollywood and Beverly Hills) - Interactive zoomable (x6) maps showing public bus stops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, hospitals, and many other useful points of interest - Daily based itineraries - Budget based hotels & restaurants, recommended by travelers - Gambling tips - Menu with the most popular Do's: get married, mountain activities, sports, shopping among others. - Rules of the different casino's games: Poker, Blackjack "21", Craps, Slot Machine, Roulette and Baccarat - Outdoor activities with recommended tours to the Grand Canyon - Nightlife activities - City tips, commuting, moving around - Safety tips ---------------------------------------- PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Stop carrying heavy city tours guide in your pocket. TRAVEL LIGHT! With Etips City Travel Guides you have a full city guide in your iPhone or iPod touch. This tourist guide is built to be used offline. No connection to Internet required, meaning no extra charges in your phone bill! It is a very practical city guide since it is designed to be used by itineraries. There are 4 different itineraries for the city depending on the duration of your journey. We also provide tips and advices to travelers, how to get into the city, how to move around, where to shop, where to go at night, most popular places, safety tips, etc... Unlike other guides, Las Vegas City Travel Guide provides you with 3 zoomable OFFLINE MAPS of 3 different cities: Las Vegas, Sedona and Los Angeles. You cannot get lost!. With this guide, you will not only visit Las Vegas but also move around the Grand Canyon and part of the West Coast. The travel guide is made based on travelers advices. Unlike other city guides, we can guarantee we have already visited these places and would like to give you a fancy and practical tool to make your visit a more enjoyable one. Las Vegas City Travel Guide comes with an unique experience and interactive menu on how to gamble, with the different casino's game rules: Poker, Blackjack "21", Craps, Slot Machines, Roulette and Baccarat. If you have any questions or want to give us your feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

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