Current Version Version: 1.3
Author Eizon
Description Super-Tilt Baseball takes your pinball experience where no other game has dared go – a pinball table you can TILT! With Super-Tilt Baseball, you can control the direction of the pinball by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch, but take care to avoid the fielders ready to turn your perfect hit into an out.

Based on classic baseball pinball machines, Super-Tilt Baseball is like no other pinball game on the iPhone with its outstanding 3D graphics and realistic physics. Swing for the fences and hit the ball out of the park for a home run, or drive the ball to one of the targets to advance the runners and score even more runs. The game plays just as a regular baseball game does with 3 outs to an inning and up to 9 innings per game. If you only have a few minutes, you can play a single inning game or you can while away the hours playing head-to-head against friends in a 5- or 7-game playoff series. There’s are no ties in baseball and Super-Tilt Baseball is no different – you play extra innings until there’s a winner.

The physics will give you the sense that you are playing a real pinball machine. Bumpers snap the ball across the table just as real pinball machine bumpers do. Super-Tilt Baseball gives you the control to pull the plunger back precisely for spectacular skill shots. You can even adjust pinball table angle to get faster action.

Forget about games that pretend to be 3D and force you to endlessly punch flipper buttons, get yourself into the realistic pinball action of Super-Tilt Baseball and GET TILT!

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