Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Ian Collins
Price $2.00
Description NEW:
Simultaneous picture taking - tap as much as you want (during capture or save) and a new photo will be taken. Number of photos being saved shown on bottom bar.

If you get a great shot with NinjaCam, be sure to tweet a link to it and add the #ninjacam hashtag — it will automatically be added to!

NinjaCam for iPhone lets you take pictures secretly. Because NinjaCam displays a fake e-book reader instead of the camera preview, you can snap away discretely by tapping anywhere, or by letting NinjaCam do it automatically. It's perfect for capturing those crazy moments at the store, in a meeting, on the bus or anywhere else where you'd like to keep your photography a secret.

For dark places, you can swipe across the screen to dim NinjaCam. This mode is perfect for concerts or night photography — you won't hurt your eyes or bother anyone behind you. Swipe again to return to the normal mode.

Your iPhone will quickly vibrate when it is ready to take another picture.

Check out the extra settings for NinjaCam in the Settings app. Here you can turn on/off vibration alerts, turn on continuous shooting mode and more.

* NinjaCam takes full-resolution, geotagged photos just like default Camera app on iPhone.

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