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Price Free
Description With imo, it's easy to stay in touch with your friends across several IM accounts without signing up for a new account. Simply login with any existing chat account and start instant messaging! We currently support the following: - MSN - Skype - AOL/AIM/ICQ - Yahoo - Google Talk/Jabber - MySpace - Facebook Our current feature list includes: - Use of existing IM account logins, so no need to create a new account - Your IM accounts can be Linked so you can login to all accounts at once - Searchable chat history: search your past conversations on both our website and the app - Flag your buddies as favorites so you can easily find them at the top of your buddy list - Push notifications sent for 72 hours after you close the app - Buddy icons that can optionally be displayed on the buddy list - links sent by your buddies open in our app instead of Safari - the option to save passwords for quick sign-in without linking accounts This app will work anywhere you have network or data access.