Current Version Version: 2.2
Author Pointer Software Systems, Ltd.
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Description Snoring U for iPhone and iPod Touch was developed to help people who snore, as well as their spouses. This app may not help you stop snoring completely, but it uses a radical new approach to help stop individual snoring episodes. SU also helps you learn how often and how loudly you snore by recording your sleep sessions to review when you wake up. Click "...More" to learn why you should download this App today! Snoring U (SU) was developed under the guidance of Dr. Naveh Tov, MD, PhD. Dr Tov is an Israeli physician specializing in internal pulmonary and sleep medicine. While you're sleeping, Snoring U remains alert, even when your device goes into sleep mode. It monitors your sleep session, listening for signs of snoring. What Snoring U does when it hears you snore depends on the preferences you selected when you set SU up for the night. Snoring U can deliver a small "nudge" to try to gently stop you from snoring. A nudge is a vibration (on iPhone) or a sound that you selected in advance, or both. You can even record your own sounds to use as nudges. On the settings screen you can also adjust the volume of the sound and the maximum number of times SU will nudge you with each snoring event. If you don't want a nudge, SU will simply record the data to be viewed later. Snoring U can also record your entire sleep session and store the "noisy" parts in separate data files. When you awake in the morning, the Summary screen shows you how long you slept, how often you snored during the night, how loud your snoring was, and how many nudges you received. If you tap the "See Graph" button you'll see all of this and more, on an easy to read, zoom-able graph. Features of Snoring U include: * Supports iOS 4 * Records and plays sounds * Nudges to help you stop snoring * Email from app * Continues to work when device is in sleep mode * History feature lets you review several sleep sessions * Works with iPod Touch with microphone installed Snoring U does not cure sleep disorders and may not help you quit snoring; but it can help with individual occurrences of snoring. More important are the diagnostic benefits of SU. The history feature keeps track of statistics for all previous sleep sessions. If you're under the care of a physician for a sleep disorder, you can email the doctor all of your stats without leaving the app. Your doctor can see at a glance just how often you snore, and whether the nudges are helpful, as well as monitoring the progress over time. The more information your doctor has, the better your chances of success with treatment. If you use Snoring U, your spouse will thank you! If you're married or you share a bed, SU can nudge you and get you to roll over and stop snoring before you wake your significant other. Download SU now because iPhone monitoring may improve your sleep, and the sleep of everyone around you. Watch the video:

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