Current Version Version: 1.0
Author HandStorm, Inc.
Price Free
Description What's that sound?

What is that puddle under my car?

Why won't it start?

What is that smell?

Why does it vibrate so much?

Questions like these are inevitably followed by "And how much is this going to cost?"

Wouldn't it be great if your car could talk to you? Actually, it can. You just need to know the language. Car Trouble can help you understand what your car is saying, and potentially save you a lot of money.

The sound might be a serious problem, or just a stone stuck in a tire tread. The puddle might be a coolant leak, or just condensation from your air conditioner. The smell could be leaking oil, overheated brakes, or a "gift" from your cat.

Car Trouble helps you understand what is happening with your car, whenever something goes wrong. Car Trouble asks a series of questions that help you diagnose problems, potentially avoiding an expensive trip to the dealer. Car Trouble helps identify noises, smells, fluid leaks, and much more. You may not be mechanically inclined, but a few minutes with a bit of guidance could save you hundreds of dollars.

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