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Price $2.00
Description Now on iPhone and iPod Touch, the critically acclaimed ‘Phantom Mansion - Episode 1: The Red Chamber’

"I can't keep my thumb off of Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber... I don't know why I can't stop playing the thing... with the smart, simple puzzling, I found myself totally charmed",

Dare you enter the Phantom Mansion?

Control Hector the Spectre Detector through the first chamber of the Mansion.

Hector must make his way through 22 levels filled with devilish puzzles using crates, switches and keys to retrieve all the skulls from the chamber, but he must also avoid collapsing floors, zombies, skeletons and the void.

The Red Chamber is the first episode of the Phantom Mansion: Spectrum if Souls series, watch out for seven more parts to come!

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