Current Version Version: 1.1.7
Author EarthLink
Price $3.00
Description NOW ON SALE FOR JUST $2.99 (a 40% discount!) FOR A LIMITED TIME!
Touch-Fill-Go Is a complete document management solution for filling out forms and annotating documents. Download PDF files or take a picture of any printed document, then fill it out, sign it, organize into groups, and share via email!

* Import and edit PDF files from any Web page, including attachments from your favorite Web mail

* All documents are stored and edited locally on your iPhone - no 3rd party servers required

* Email your finished documents as PDF files, now with the option to Preview

* Use the enhanced built-in image correction tools to create great-looking documents from printed forms, receipts, etc

* Sign your name, write comments, or draw a picture with your finger

* Reuse words and phrases with a tap (no need to type it out every time)

* Support for creating, editing and organizing multi-page PDF files by creating Groups of documents (like "trip receipts" or "forms")

* Share your documents wirelessly with other Touch-Fill-Go users

* Copy documents, choose your favorite font, and edit in portrait or landscape

* Set an optional password to secure your data.

* Improved document and memory management resolves several outstanding issues with emailing PDF files from version 1.0.

Other "scanner" apps let you capture and make copies of your documents. With Touch-Fill-Go, that’s just the beginning.

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