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Price $2.00
Description Everybody does it, you see something in a shop and take a photo with your phone. Gift Box is a gift notepad allowing shoppers to take a photo of any item and remember the cost and store and even rate it. Easily add new items to a box helping organize them for any purpose, such as:

● collecting gift ideas all year round
● keeping a personal wish list
● remembering items you want to try
● emailing items to friends and family
● helping compare items
● or anything you like...

So simple and yet so useful.


● natural user interface
● remember items quickly and easily
● boxes help organize your items
● rate your items
● share your items using email
● uses your regional settings


"Gift Box is an uncomplicated and aesthetically pleasing program."
– Jeff Frantz, Gear Diary

"Gift Box, The Notepad for Shoppers."
– MacStories

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