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Price Free
Description Greetings!! Just search "MyFirstiPhoneApp" in iTunes (App Store) for Most Exciting Apps for Free.

Sleek Interface... Usability... Ease of Use...Complete Data... Your dream weather application is here.

"iWeather Complete – Lite" is a highly interactive iphone app, concluded after months of weather usability analysis. Few of the prominent features are:

•High-end design
•Excellent use of screen
•Most important weather information being displayed in a highly intuitive manner
•On screen ‘Celsius’ to ‘Fahrenheit’ conversion.
•7 days forecast with provision to view the forecast for the night as well
•Hourly forecast showing the details in a sleek manner
•Average weather graph of temperature for 12 hours
•Sunrise / Sunset details of 7 days
•History of search you performed for your locations
•Default location setting to see the weather every time you start the app.

In the Forecast, along with temperature, you will find additional useful information such as:

Stay tuned to get updates on the most user-friendly weather app.