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Description Budget Touch uses the envelope model of budgeting. Set aside money for your standard expenses, then know how much you have left to enjoy. Enter your expenses, and view your account and envelope balances while on the go. You can also get reports, see graphs, list your transactions, and much more. Budget Touch can be used stand alone or synced with the desktop version of Budget. When used together Budget and Budget Touch are an unbeatable combination to help you manage your money, stay out of debt, and save for the fun things in life. Features: - Beautiful and fluid interface on iPad takes full advantage of the larger screen. - Sync Budget Touch with the Mac version of Budget. (Windows sync coming soon) - Password protected with strong AES-128 encryption of your data. - Customize your accounts and envelopes with built in icons. - Fast transaction entry: Select payee's from a list of previous entries, enter an amount, and touch save. It's that simple. - Transaction support for deposits, checks, debits, ATM, charges, refunds, and credit card payments. - Create transactions in single envelopes or split them between multiple envelopes. - Transfer money between envelopes or accounts. - Create as many bank accounts, credit card accounts, envelopes and envelope groups as you want to categorize your expenses. - Set spending limits for your envelopes and see graphically how you are doing. - See account balances, envelope balances, net balances, and a running balance with your transactions. - Bank accounts can be reconciled (balanced) against bank statements. - Get graphs and reports for expenses, deposits, budgets, and many more. - Export your data via email in either tab-separated, QIF or OFX format. - Export reports in HTML format. Pay Source System (Paid Add On) - Define your income and have Budget Touch calculate how much to put towards each envelope. - Automatically distribute your income to your envelopes. Languages: US English, British English, partial German translation Requirements: Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later Sync requires Budget v6.3 (Mac) or later