Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $1.00
Description "A combo worthy iPhone beat-em-up"
-The Kartel

Get ready for the action packed comic themed action rpg Stick Brawler! Fight endless waves of enemies on a multi platform level. Interact with the environment's doors, windows, and items. Gain experience, upgrade your many attributes, and fight your way to the top of the online high score rankings.

-Kick, punch, throw fireballs, use energy blasts, and combo with these attacks against your enemies.
-Gain experience and level up over 10 different attributes including: strength, defense, strength, fireballs, speed, and many more!
-Over 10 different attack variations.
-Total of 100 waves of enemies to play spanning over 2 unique stages
-Submit your score to the online high score rankings.
-7 different enemy types.
-7 items to pickup and use.
-2 Weapons to throw
-Kick your enemies off roofs and through windows.
-Blow up gas tanks for extra damage.
-Travel from floor to floor through doors or simply level up your jumping ability and leap to the next floor!
-Check your profile for your stats (punches,kicks, fireballs thrown), accuracy, max combo, scores, and more!

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