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Price $1.00
Description JPGeo is a geotagging app for the iPhone for digital photos. It logs your location as you take photos and then writes the geolocation information to the photos on your desktop.

While the app was designed to be used for the “Places” feature in iPhoto ’09, you can use the app for anything that reads the GPS metadata of a photo (EXIF). And while JPGeo was created for photo geotagging, you can use it for tracking a trip or anything that you want. JPGeo logs your location every 30 seconds, so you can take the GPX file it creates and import it into Google Earth and view your trip. Also, the JPGeo desktop app will work with GPX files created with other devices.

For detailed instructions, the video tutorial, and to download the desktop app, go to:


Mac OS X 10.5+
iPhoto '09 for "Places" feature.


Kernel 2.6.x