Current Version Version: ACMELISTS_0020
Author Acme Technologies
Price $1.00
Description The AcmeLists List Manager for iPhone is designed to make it fast and simple to create any type of list, from To-Do lists to Shopping Lists. Lists can contain items which point to other lists and you can share lists through email.

When connected to a WiFi network, you can also use any Web browser to create or edit lists stored on the device, making it much easier to quickly enter data using full-sized keyboards. The WiFi connectivity is also a great way to get or set the contents of your device's system-wide Pasteboard making textual data sharing between a device and desktop or laptop computer convenient.

After trying many existing list managers for iPhone, I needed something that required less work to simply add some notes or reminders. AcmeLists does not offer due dates for ToDo items, or let you select pictures of groceries when creating a shopping list. But it's fast, hierarchical, and adding or editing lists from a WiFi-connected Web browser is so much easier.

● Launches quickly.
● Lists can contain other lists.
● General purpose, no wasted time setting due dates, or classifying list items.
● Edit and create lists remotely over WiFi using your laptop or desktop computer keyboard.
● Set or share Pasteboard contents with your laptop/desktop computer over WiFi.
● Share lists via email.
● Copy list items to system-wide Pasteboard.
● Import lists received via email (on your device) directly into the application.
● Set a list as your "Lock Screen" wallpaper for easy access without unlocking the phone/ipod.
● Context-sensitive help balloons on main screens
● In-application documentation
● Linked tutorial videos (requires connection to internet)
● Sort scratched items to bottom of long lists

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