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Price $4.00
Description An outliner to organize your life. Create hierarchical lists to manage any project; whether it be a todo, task, or grocery list. See a video of the application at our website. FEATURES: * Move a row or change its indentation by just touching the row and moving it (no buttons or drag-n-drop): Press and hold on a row until a pencil icon appears, then move the row horizontally or vertically and the icon will turn into a green move icon (see screen 1). * Edit a row by using a delayed touch until a pencil icon appears (see screen 2), or use a double-touch * Edit rows in-place * Quickly add several rows using the 'Next' button and change their indentation without leaving edit mode. * Attach a note to any line item. * Change a line font style, color, or size for more emphasis. * All screens are viewable in portrait and landscape modes. * Option to Lock the Orientation. * Optional checkboxes at the outline or row level. * Parent checkboxes are dependent on the state of the child checkboxes. * Copy & paste rows or trees between outlines. * Hoist (shift) the outline left and right by swiping. * Multi-line rows in the outline. * Fullscreen scrollable notes * Row attributes can be inherited from the parent row, the outline, or the application. * Undo/Redo/Cancel while editing row and note text * Uncheck all rows * Expand/Collapse all rows * View the manual included in the application help. * Import outlines in Text and OPML format using mail and copy/paste (see the manual for text import format) * Export outlines in Text and OPML format using mail without leaving JOutliner * Search all outlines for the number of rows that match a search string and then drill down into individual outlines and use the previous/next arrows to find the rows/notes with the search string. * Sync with an optional Mac desktop version (requires MaxOSX 10.6 or later) down to the row level using bonjour. * See JOutliner manuals for the iPod and the Mac desktop online before buying and download a trial version for the Mac desktop at our website. LANGUAGES: English REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later