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Description TwitCal is a calendar app for the iPhone/iPod touch. Creating, Editing, Sharing, Tweeting and Following events with TwitCal is done with just a few light finger touches.

● Tweet Event
Tweet your event details with TwitCal. Birthdays, Anniversary, Events, etc… TwitCal effortlessly “Tweets” updates to your followers automatically from your calendar. Tweeting with TwitCal is easy, you just select an event and lightly touch the “Tweet” button. Also, you can import tweeted events into your TwitCal calendars to instantly build your personal agenda.

● Follow Calendars
Your family’s calendar, friend's calendar, favorite artist event schedule, baseball game-day, lecture timetable, etc... TwiCal is a simple and intelligent event management calendar app for iPhone. TwitCal follows the public calendar continually, you can mash up original social calendar with the latest event information.

● Share with Friends
TwitCal instantly shares calendar events with your friends who can then use twitter to import your calendar events into TwitCal on an iPhone or from their computer. The shared events can be booked in the TwitCal application directly or via e-mail with .ics file.

● Multiple View
TwitCal manages your personal agenda and puts it at your fingertips through the unique Multiple Day, List, Day, Week, 2 weeks, Month and Hybrid (Month and Day) views.

● Touch & Edit
By touch arbitrary time slot, you can move to event editor interface directory, TwitCal inputs starts time automatically, so you don't need to set date/time once again.

● Sync with Google Calendar and iCal
Dashboard Widgets enables event synchronization between TwitCal and Google Calendar or iCal. (Mac OS X only)