Current Version Version: 1.3.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Juicy Development LLC
Price $5.00
Description FastTrac gets you onto more rides in Disneyland® without waiting in long lines. Other Disney apps only give you wait times., but FastTrac creates a dynamic customized Disneyland ride schedule for you. With this schedule, you can walk onto popular rides, like Indy and Splash Mountain®, even during crowded times like spring break and Christmas. Our testers tested this app on days when the park was at full capacity and people were turned away from the gates. Longest wait for the most popular rides? Only ten minutes.

How it works
FastTrac™ employs a complex algorithm that predicts the best time to ride each ride. This program also draws on historical data collected, and tips and tricks from Disney veterans with 30 years of park attendance experience. FastTrac pulls from millions of possible itinerary combinations to provide you with the most accurate schedule with the least amount of wait time. FastTrac takes into account holidays and special events, as well as major ride closures.

Ticket To Ride
Just select the attractions you wish to ride, the date you’re attending the park, and the time you’ll be there.
FastTrac creates a schedule for you that will get you on the most rides with the least amount of wait time. While in Disneyland park, you can generate individual schedules for everyone in your group. Miss the crowds. Miss the wait. Don't miss the memories.

Get FastTrac to make your Disney vacation smooth and stress free. Because life's too short to wait in line.

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