Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Orbicule BVBA
Price $1.00
Description Melatonin puts boring alarm clocks to sleep and lets you wake up with the sun.
Simply set your alarm time, select a fun theme and watch the sun go down while you listen to your favorite music.
In the morning, you will be waked gently with increasing sunlight and natural sounds, or with the iPod playlist of your choice.

- Tap the curtain to set alarm time, alarm sound, sleep timer and sleep music
- Pick your favorite theme by selecting the Themes option and swiping the theme paintings
- Tap Done
- Now tap the character to start the sleep timer / alarm clock

- Melatonin needs to be running for the alarm to sound. Please do not quit the app, do not press the home button or the power button!
- Make sure your iPhone or iPod is connected to a power source to prevent the battery from draining.

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