Current Version Version: 4.1.2
Author Intermap Technologies Inc
Price $1.00
Description Whistler 3D, from AccuTerra by Intermap, is the ONLY THREE DIMENSIONAL map app of the Whistler Blackcomb ski area. There is no better way to explore, track and share your 2010 Winter Olympic Games experience! Unlike slow-loading web-only apps, Whistler 3D provides highly detailed maps of all the trails, lodges, lifts and 2010 events - EMBEDDED on your iPhone, so you can find your GPS location, or the location of almost anything on the resort, whether or not you have a network connection. Track your progress throughout the day on AccuTerra maps, or, if you have a cell signal, switch to Google Maps™ and check your location on a satellite map. Take geo-coded photos to create a multi-dimensional capture of your day on the hill. Then replay your saved tracks and photos Après-ski via AccuTerra’s unique Walking Tour, or share your stats via Facebook™ and email. Don’t fumble with a paper map anymore! Whistler 3D, brought to you by AccuTerra by Intermap, is a GPS app for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. ► Includes the entire ski area boundary; including the base area, lodges, runs, bowls, lifts, and trails by difficulty. All 2010 Winter Games events located in the Whistler Blackcomb area are indicated on the maps, and can be located within the App’s library of points for easy searching. ► Full 3D view (360 degrees, plus 90 degree angle of elevation) for over 500 square kilometers (220 mi2) of terrain, displayed onto Intermap’s NEXTMap™geospatial database. ► Two dimensional map view (directly - overhead) includes AccuTerra HD maps; offering a ‘trail level’ zoom perspective with ski run names and level of difficulty. ► Unlimited Tracks and Waypoints! There is no limit to the number of geo-located points and tracks that can be recorded. ► Unlimited Geo-coded pictures! Photos taken within Whistler 3D are linked to your adventures and can be displayed in the location in which they were taken. ► Real-time elevation profile and travel statistics. ► Easily toggle between AccuTerra 3D, AccuTerra 2D, and Google Maps™ ► Share your adventure. Upload directly from AccuTerra into your Facebook™ account, or send your tracks and photos via an email link for viewing in Google Maps™ or Google Earth™ PLEASE NOTE: Non-Canadian iPhone owners using Whistler 3D should check their data packages for usage and charges within Canada. Using data-connected content, such as Google Maps, may incur international roaming charges ($$$). Viewing and tracking on the embedded AccuTerra maps only utilizes the GPS and does not use a data connection. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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