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Description As seen in BusinessWeek,, Reuters,, ABC, NBC, and more! The best expense tracking application for iPhone - keep your receipt images with your expense details, and export to QuickBooks Online Edition, Excel (.XLSX), XML, or Fax! Receipt capture works best on iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, but works on iPhone 3G with good lighting and a steady hand. The app comes loaded with 10 Receipt Reads for our Receipt Reader Service. With Receipt Reader, your expense report is filled out automatically as you take pictures of your receipts! Regardless of whether or not you subscribe to Receipt Reader, enjoy the following built in to the application: * Customized Expense Categories and Types * Native XLSX (Excel 2007) export support (*not* just CSV) * QuickBooks Online Edition integration * Support for gathering images from iPhone camera or iPhone Photo Library * Full-featured image editor for reviewing and editing your receipt images There's more: * Time Expenses * Mileage Expenses (detects your current address via GPS) * Upload expenses to QuickBooks Online Edition * Fax expenses to any North America fax number * Chart and graph your expense trends with a variety of beautiful graphs and charts * Use any of dozens of currencies and convert back to your home currency * Add names from your contact list, to your expense descriptions * If you switch to a new iPhone, restore your old expense list from your online archive in just moments