Current Version Version: 1.0
Author nerdgames
Price $1.00
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Description Down in the designated driver dumps? Forget your flask of 140 proof 'shine in your other pants? Hungover from last night's rager? iBubbly is the celebration application for you.

iBubbly is the first and only realistic champagne glass/bottle simulator on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Enjoy a glass of bubbly on your own or choose to hold the bottle and pour for a few friends (bluetooth and wifi enabled). Christen your new schooner or liven up a lonely tuesday evening - whatever the occasion, iBubbly is always appropriate.

Don't drink but want to enjoy a toast? Drink plenty and feel like showing off? Clink your device for an authentic 'cheers' and ring in the New Year with style.

So feed your virtual drinking problem and pour yourself a glass of iBubbly... You have our word, you won't be disappointed.*

*User will not become inebriated unless iBubbly is supplemented with adequate quantities of actual alcoholic beverages.

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