Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price Free
Description Quadrati is a puzzle game unlike anything you've seen before! With high quality graphics and effects along with unique puzzles you're sure to have lots of enjoyment.

The Lite version has a small sample of puzzles within one level to whet your appetite, while the full version has over 80 puzzles spread across 6 levels that increase in difficulty. New puzzles will be added in the future for owners of the full version.

The object of Quadrati is to complete each puzzle by eliminating all lines and icons on the game board. Sounds easy, but it's not! Each puzzle has at least one way to solve it, but most puzzles can be solved several ways. Try to figure out all the ways puzzles can be solved for extra satisfaction!

You complete each puzzle by tapping on icons, one at a time, in the proper order to destroy the lines that connect them. You can only tap on an icon that's connected to another via a line. Icons will be destroyed when they no longer have any lines attached to them. The puzzle is solved when all icons and lines are destroyed. Solve all puzzles for a specific level and the next level will become unlocked for you to play!